Distributions of GNU Emacs

Emacs modified for macOS Distribution of GNU Emacs bundled with a few select packages for LaTeX users and R developers, most notably AUCTeX and ESS. [View on GitHub]

Emacs modified for Windows Same as above, with in addition an installation wizard. [View on GitHub]

R documentation and packages

Programmer avec R Libre introduction to programming textbook (in French) using R as programming language. Based on and replaces Introduction à la programmation en R, below. [View on GitHub]

Programmation lettrée et R Markdown Three hour training course (in French) on literate programming in general and R Markdown in particular. [View on GitHub]

Rapports dynamiques avec Shiny Three hour training course (in French) on production of dynamic reports with Shiny. [View on GitHub]

Introduction à la programmation en R Libre textbook (in French) on programming with the R language. [View on GitHub]

Computational actuarial science with R Workshop of the 21st International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (IME 2017) [View on GitHub]

Introduction à R - Atelier du colloque R à Québec 2017 Libre introduction to R workshop (in French) featured at R à Québec 2017. [View on GitHub]

actuar First R package dedicated specifically to actuarial computations and modeling. [View on GitHub] [View on CRAN]

expint Small R package to compute the exponential integral and the incomplete gamma function. [View on GitHub] [View on CRAN]

LaTeX documentation and packages

Rédaction avec LaTeX Introductory course (in French) on the LaTeX typesetting system. [View on GitHub] [View on CTAN]

ulthese Document class for theses and memoirs at Université Laval. [View on GitHub] [View on CTAN]

francais-bst Natbib compatible bibliography style files to typeset bibliographies using the French typographic standards. [View on GitHub] [View on CTAN]

actuarialsymbol Commands to compose actuarial symbols of life contingencies and financial mathematics characterized by subscripts and superscripts on both sides of a principal symbol. [View on GitHub] [View on CTAN]

actuarialangle Commands to typeset the angle symbol denoting a duration in actuarial notation, such as in symbols for the present value of certain or life annuities, and an over angle bracket used to emphasize joint status in symbols of life contingencies. [View on GitHub] [View on CTAN]

Actuarial documentation

Méthodes numériques en actuariat avec R Collection of three manuals (in French) covering random number generation, numerical analysis and linear algebra. The numerical aspects are treated with R. [View on GitHub]

Modélisation des distributions de sinistres avec R Exhaustive manual (in French) on statistical modeling of loss distributions using R. [View on GitHub]

Théorie de la crédibilité avec R Introductory manual (in French) on credibility theory. Covers limited fluctuation credibility, Bayesian ratemaking and the Bühlmann and Bühlmann-Straub credibility models. Numerical illustrations are done with R and package actuar. [View on GitHub]